Heritage Room Terms



We do recommend that you view the Heritage Room before making a booking to ensure it is suitable for your event.


Bosworth Battlefield is a busy venue that is open seven days a week from 10.00am until 5.00pm during the summer months, 10.00am-4.00pm winter.

Upon arrival at Bosworth you should report to the Centre Office in the first instance and announce your arrival to a member of staff.



Bosworth Battlefield and Leicestershire County Council retain the right to refuse bookings.


If you wish to cancel your hire of the Heritage Room please let us know as soon as possible in order that we can try and fill the booking with other event. If we are notified at least 30 days before your booking then we will offer you a full refund, otherwise no refund will be made. Leicestershire County Council reserves the right to cancel any bookings made, but we will aim to give you as much notice as possible and try and arrange an alternative date.


The period from the agreed arrival time to the agreed departure shall be known as the period of engagement. For the duration of the period of engagement the whole building, grounds and facilities will remain under the full control of Leicestershire County Council, hereafter described as LCC, and all instructions of such persons shall be complied with forthwith.


The hirer may display no advertising material or LCC has issued any other publicity material that pertains to this engagement until such time as the hirer has returned the booking form and a letter of confirmation to the hirer.

The hirer must ensure that no fly posting or unauthorised advertising is displayed in association with their event. Leicestershire County Council rigorously enforces the terms of the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 and Section 220 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in respect of fly posting, that is unauthorised advertising, on highway land, bus shelters and other highway land and structures. Fines for the display of each such advertisement can be up to £1,000 under Planning legislation and considerably more under the Highways Act.

No Posters and leaflets promoting the hirer’s event/activity will be displayed within Bosworth Battlefield and in other council venues at the discretion of LCC. No press releases, photo calls or press invitations will be issued in respect of the exhibition without the permission of Bosworth Battlefield.

The approved design of Bosworth Battlefields’ logo must be used on ALL printed publicity materials. The hirer shall submit to Bosworth a copy of all bills and posters before advertising the performance/event. The venue shall only be described as Bosworth Battlefield on any and all publicity materials. Bosworth Battlefield reserves the right to refuse to distribute or display, and to alter and amend any copy or visual material, provided by the hirer.


The hirer must not act or fail to act in any manner, which would contravene any health and safety regulations, statute or local authority regulations.  THE HIRER shall ensure that all gangways, doorways, stairways, entrances, exits, emergency exits shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.

The hirer will provide Bosworth with notice in writing of any accident, injury or loss and of any claim or demand arising therefrom within 24 hours of the same arising together with any such knowledge and information as may be required.  With the exception of his/her insurers and/or solicitor, the hirer shall not discuss the question of liability with a third party, and shall ensure that all his employees so refrain. LCC will be responsible for the reporting of all accidents under RIDDOR including those incidents caused by the hirer. Materials used as part of any activity or event should be flame retardant.


The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the building fixtures and fittings, contents and decoration during the period of engagement and the removal of all litter generated by his/her event.  Unless the hirer shows at the commencement of the period of engagement that any such property is damaged, such property shall be deemed to have been undamaged at the commencement of the period of engagement.  Any space used by the hirer must be left in a clean and tidy state.  Failure to do so may result in the hirer being charged to cover the costs of cleaning.

No hooks, nails, screws or tacks may be driven into the walls, pillars, woodwork, floors or furniture in any part of the premises, and no material shall be posted by gum, paste or other adhesive medium anywhere inside the premises.


The hirer is responsible for all loss, theft or damage to his own equipment and belongings.  The hirer must comply with all statutory requirements to affect public liability insurance cover in respect of his legal liability to pay compensation in respect of accidental death or personal injury or in respect of accident loss of or damage to third party property.

LCC shall be entitled to cancel or terminate a hiring to effect immediate vacation of the Heritage Room without notice in writing if the hirer or any other person fails to observe the terms and conditions of letting or if it appears that there has been an omission from or mis-statement in the application for hire. Such cancellation or termination of a hiring shall not prejudice any rights which LCC may have against the hirer and the hirer shall not have any right or remedy against the Council in respect thereof and shall indemnify the Council against all claims which may be made by any person in respect thereof.

LCC accepts no responsibility in respect of loss or theft of articles from the premises during the period of engagement or any loss or damage, including personal injury and death, resulting from the premises proving to be unsuitable for the hirer’s intended use.


After having read all of the terms and conditions above please complete and return the booking form, we will then confirm booking in writing.

On receipt of our confirmation you should make the necessary arrangements to pay the hire charge in full. Payment must be received no later than 30 days prior to hire date.  No booking will be allowed to proceed if payment has not been received in advance.

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