£5 per pupil

KS2 / 21-35 per group

2 hours

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Did you know? The area around Melton Mowbray has more Viking place names than anywhere else in the country but Melton itself has an Anglo-Saxon name.

This session is led by an Anglo-Saxon woman, married to a Viking settler, who lived on a farm in the area in the 9th century.

She tells the children about her life in the Danelaw and the children learn about Anglo-Saxon and Viking society and beliefs through role play, object handling and storytelling.

The children will also spend some time exploring the museum.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand where Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came from and where they settled
  • To understand how names of places give us clues to their history
  • To know some customs and traditions of Anglo-Saxon and Vikings
  • To compare Anglo-Saxon daily life to how life is today
  • Where the Anglo Saxons and Vikings fitted into the timeline of English history

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