Learning at Charnwood Museum

Inspiration Learning in Inspirational places

Our learning programme is currently in re-development.
For any enquiries, please contact the Heritage Learning Officer – Helen Keeling (helen.keeling@leics.gov.uk)

Our approach to learning

  • Our approach to learning

    We provide hands-on, multi curricula-based learning sessions in exciting historical places.

  • Learning Strategy

    Our strategy is to bring our important historical stories to life in our Museum sites, through our multi-skilled and engaging learning team.

    We work alongside Creative Learning Services who provide outreach sessions to schools and groups.

  • How we evaluate

    Evaluation is very important to us, so we can keep evolving and improving. We give every school group leader a digital and physical copy of our evaluation form and we encourage them to be returned so we can praise our facilitators or improve our sessions as required.

  • Learning partnership

    We work closely with teachers to make our sessions as good and relevant as possible.

    We run a Heritage Learning Panel which we invite to support us with session pilots and advice on current curriculum needs.