Learning at Melton Carnegie Museum

Inspiration Learning in Inspirational places

Housed in Melton’s former Carnegie Library, the Museum opened in 1977. The galleries include collections from the Bronze Age to the Present Day with a focus on the development of the town. We have a dedicated learning space upstairs which can be accessed by stairs or lift. We offer a number of curriculum enrichment activities and are also in the process of developing new learning sessions.

Our approach to learning

  • Our approach to learning

    We provide hands-on, multi curricula-based learning sessions in exciting historical places.

  • Learning Strategy

    Our strategy is to bring our important historical stories to life in our Museum sites, through our multi-skilled and engaging learning team.

    We work alongside Creative Learning Services who provide outreach sessions to schools and groups.

  • How we evaluate

    Evaluation is very important to us, so we can keep evolving and improving. We give every school group leader a digital and physical copy of our evaluation form and we encourage them to be returned so we can praise our facilitators or improve our sessions as required.

  • Learning partnership

    We work closely with teachers to make our sessions as good and relevant as possible.

    We run a Heritage Learning Panel which we invite to support us with session pilots and advice on current curriculum needs.