What you need to know

Essential booking information

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Terms and conditions

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Bookings process

Hints and tips

Activities before during and after your visit

We recommend that your class learns at least a small amount on the chosen subject before your visit and let us know before if there is any particular aspect you would like us to cover.

Find out more/make enquiry

Our team will be happy to speak to you if you have any questions before completing your booking form or before you visit.

Health and safety

  • Risk assessments

    Site generic Risk Assessment:


    Session specific Risk Assessments:

    The Hallaton Treasure

    Hallaton gallery activities

  • Additional needs, health and allergies

    Please ensure that any relevant details are put on your booking form, (for both children and adults)

Lunch spaces & shopping

  • Lunch spaces

    We do not have any lunch space at the Museum site.

  • Shopping

    The shop sells a range of products, including those suitable for school groups. The friendly staff will be willing to help.

Getting to the site

Practical information

  • Access and Parking

    The is no dedicated parking for the Museum, but there is a large Pay and Display car park behind the building off Symington Way.

  • Toilets

    There are two sets of toilets including an accessible toilet, on the ground and first floor. Please ask Staff for details on arrival. 

  • Storing bags and coats

    We will provide bins for coats to store on gallery.

  • Photography

    From time to time we like to update our learning photographs for promotional material. If we wish to take photographs and or Videos during your session we will ask in advance, so you can organise permission forms from parents.

  • use of the collections

    Most handling objects will be replicas but there are many real artefacts on display in the the museum which must be treated with respect.