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As so many parents and teachers are looking for inspiration to teach history at home at present, we thought we’d put together some videos, challenges and other information about the Wars of the Roses, the Battle of Bosworth, Richard III and Henry Tudor to help out.

Click here to watch the graphic novel ‘film’ The Life and Death of Richard III (contains some violent still images)

Click here to see the Wars of the Roses family tree.

Click here to see what happened to some other families during the Wars of the Roses.

Click here to see a timeline of the Wars of the roses (use your magnifying tool to read the text).

Click here to find out if arrows could pierce armour.

Click here to see the make up of  a medieval village.

Click here to watch the Battle of Bosworth film (the quality is rather grainy as  we had to convert the original file).

 Click here to see how a knight would be armed for Battle

Click here to meet a footsolder before the battle

 Click here to meet a mercenary before the battle

Click here to find out where historians argued the Battlefield might have been and where it actually is.

   First click here to discover some Bosworth soldiers and see their heraldry then here to find out what happened to them.

  Click here for a Bosworth Word search

Click here for a Battle of Bosworth quiz  (opens in Word)

….and here for the quiz answers! (opens in Word)

For the KS1 and 2 Roman Britain curriculum:  The Boudiccan Revolt

Click here to meet Queen Boudicca at home

Click here to find out why Boudicca is calling for all Britons to rise up against Rome

Click here to find out how the rebellion is going


Click here to see how a Roman Auxiliary soldier was equipped for battle.

Click here to find out what happened at Boudicca’s last battle.

There are versions of these two videos with edited subtitles on our facebook page


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