Barber Surgeon – Outreach

See how these specially trained medieval men and women would undertake anything from a haircut and shave to an amputation or arrow removal, in a world where germs were not known about. Subjects included are: shaving, amputations, the four humors, bleeding, herb lore, teeth and dentistry, men and women practitioners, lack of understanding of germs, treatment of wounds, arrow extraction and stitching, the role of physicians and dealing with common illnesses.

Suitable for KS1 – 5

This is a 45 min session. To book the facilitator for the morning the cost is £85 and to book the facilitator for the whole day the cost is £180 (all prices include travel costs)


  • Lottery Heritage Fund
  • The National Forest
  • Accredited Museum
  • Enjoy England
  • Tripadvisor
  • Leicester Tourism Award
  • Leicester Tourism Award
  • LPL Winner 2016
  • 2016 Highly Commended
  • LPL Tourism Awards 2017: Commended