Key Stage 1 & 2 Learning Sessions

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The award-winning exhibition brings to life the story of the Battle of Bosworth and this fascinating period of history. Follow the four medieval characters to find out about the lives of those involved, as Richard and Henry battle for the throne of England. Get hands-on with the weapons wall, try on armour, shoot the interactive long bow and see the gory practices of a barber surgeon. Explore how the Battlefield was rediscovered in 2010 and compare the fates of Richard and Henry.

Suitable for: All ages

Cost: £2.00 per pupil



One of Bosworth’s experienced Guides will bring the events of the battle to life through lively interpretation and objects. With access to the most up-to-date research and evidence, groups will learn the very latest information about the battle.

For younger pupils, medieval character walks are also available. Discover the events of the battle as told by those who witnessed it take place.

The walk is just under 2 km long across rolling countryside and therefore appropriate footwear and weatherproof clothing is recommended.

We recommend that all groups undertaking a walk of the Battlefield book a Guide to get the most from their visit.

Suitable for: All ages

Cost: £35.00 per group (maximum 34 per group). Each walk lasts 1 hour. *

To download a map of The Battlefield Trail click here

* 1 1/2 hour walks are available on request



Meet living history interpreters to find out about the lives of soldiers, archers (and their wives) and barber surgeons.  Discover armour, weapons and combat techniques through lively demonstrations, object handling and activities. Learn how those who were injured were treated and find out what it was really like for those involved in the battle.

Sessions include;

  • The Bosworth Soldier – Learn about life on campaign for an ordinary soldier in 1485. Discover what they wore, how they were recruited and how they fought.
  • The Bosworth Soldier’s Wife – Learn about the reality of medieval warfare from a woman left at home while her husband fought in battle, or a woman who followed her husband on campaign, sharing all the dangers and the spoils of war. (Only available for key Stage 2)
  • The Bosworth Archer’s Wife – Learn about life for a medieval woman, and the life of an archer from the woman who knows him best. (Only available for key Stage 2)
  • The Barber Surgeon – See how these specially trained medieval men and women would undertake anything from a haircut and shave to an amputation or arrow removal, in a world where germs were not known about!

Suitable for: All ages (maximum 34 per group)
Cost: £3.00 per student (45 minutes)



Hawkwise Falconry deliver high quality, hands on, stimulating sessions that appeal to every age group.
Using birds of prey is an exciting and different way to capture pupils’ imagination; they encourage team working and help develop communication skills. With its strong visual imagery and historic and scientific associations, falconry can be used to teach many curriculum subjects.

Falconry Sessions as part of our Educational Offer will only be available until the end of this Academic year, which is Friday, 21st July 2017

Suitable for: All ages

Cost: £3 per pupil (45 minutes)



History Detectives

Pupils become detectives using deductive skills and reasoning to see what they can learn from archaeological discoveries and historical objects. What can they discover about people in the past from the objects they will handle?

Suitable for: KS2

Cost: £2.00 per pupil (1 hour) Maximum of 34 pupils per session

Note: History Detectives and Heraldry can’t be booked on the same day


Life in Roman Britain (Available March to October)

The Romans are Coming!

The reality of life in Britain under Roman rule is recreated in a full day of activities that bring history to life. Pupils meet a Roman soldier and discover what life was like in the Roman Army, handle real Roman objects and take part in activities in ‘The Forum’, including dressing up and craft activities, then help the domestic slave in ‘Food and Feasting’.

Suitable for: KS2

Cost: £8.00 per pupil (full-day)  Maximum of 75 pupils per session

Note: Part of this session takes place in a Marquee 

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